2021 Taipei AMPA Hybrid Show Races to the Finish Line 2022 Applications to Begin August 6

Following in the footsteps of the physical AMPA show, Taipei AMPA Online reached the finish line on May 6, but also opened up more avenues to do business during these times. As the world’s first automotive trade show in 2021, AMPA Online attracted over 100,000 online visitors in 162 countries from around the world viewed lubricants, maintenance tools, dash cams, brake pads, and much more, setting the table for more to come in the future of the industry.

Taipei AMPA and Autotronics Taipei show attracted nearly 10,000 visitors over the 4 day event.

Globally renown automotive corporations and longtime AMPA participants Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Piaggio, and Yamaha had high-ranking officials viewing AMPA Online content in search of the latest products. But with an emphasis on autonomous, connected, electric, and smart shared themes, AMPA Online also garnered interest from Continental, Valeo, Denso, Sony, and Amazon, of which the latter two are looking to enter the electric vehicle market, but non-traditional industries such as those from the financial, investment, and legal corporations also visited the show as well. Autodistribution International, Hertz, INKA, Autobacs Seven, Corbeta, and many others joined Taiwan’s own AUO, Inventec, Quanta, and more, cementing AMPA’s overall status as the most important automotive trading platform in the world.

Hao Jheng was able to reach Latin American buyers through the virtual

Similar to the physical show, AMPA Online provided the chance for these online visitors to interact with exhibitors at the show, allowing both sides to achieve their goals. Brazilian companies Passini and Rufato, as well as Indonesian buyers all gave their approval to the AMPA Online platform for allowing them to continue to operate normally despite the difficult circumstances, while exhibitors Rohde and Schwartz, and Good Will Instrument were able to reach new customers in the process. Additionally, physical show exhibitors such as Yangmin, Leyo Performance, Yes Energy, and more transformed their exhibits to cater more towards domestic visitors, but were able to reach international customers through AMPA Online. Also, first-time exhibitor Kushitani showed off their newest motorcyclist gear, which attracted interest from many cycling enthusiasts.

The EV Forum (pictured) and IoV Forum attracted a combined 2,000 participants to gather new automotive knowledge

Furthermore, AMPA Online media content and livestream forums were the highlights of the platform. With the AMPA Live Tour and Online New Product Launch attracting many to see the latest products, viewers also tuned into the IoV Technology & Applications Seminar and Forum livestream to gather new knowledge from high profile speakers from Qualcomm, Foxconn, Texas Instruments, WeMo, Macronix, and Silicon Lab as they share their specific and experience serving the various branches of the automotive industry.

CPC Taiwan promoted their Mirage brand to the young generation at AMPA.

PTT Oil was able to get in touch with many motorcycle producers in Taiwan

Japanese company EMU presented their Kushitani cyclist’ gear in Taiwan for the first time

Leyo Motorsports saw a spike in business at AMPA, solidifying its future standing in the market

Following the conclusion of Taipei AMPA 2021 and successful AMPA Online, preparation for the next Taipei AMPA and AMPA Online 2022 has already begun. Next year’s Taipei AMPA will be held April 20 to 23, 2022, and AMPA Online will be available for viewing from April 11 to 23, 2022. Applications for Taipei AMPA will be accepted on August 6, 2021, while AMPA Online is slated to begin its application process in October. For more information on AMPA 2022 and how to apply, please visit the Taipei AMPA website ( and social media pages for the latest updates.