2021 Taipei AMPA Hybrid Show Races to the Finish Line 2022 Applications to Begin August 6

Following in the footsteps of the physical AMPA show, Taipei AMPA Online reached the finish line on May 6, but also opened up more avenues to do business during these times. As the world’s first automotive trade show in 2021, AMPA Online attracted over 100,000 online visitors in 162 countries from around the world viewed lubricants, maintenance tools, dash cams, brake pads, and much more, setting the table for more to come in the future of the industry.

Taipei AMPA and Autotronics Taipei show attracted nearly 10,000 visitors over the 4 day event.

Globally renown automotive corporations and longtime AMPA participants Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Piaggio, and Yamaha had high-ranking officials viewing AMPA Online content in search of the latest products. But with an emphasis on autonomous, connected, electric, and smart shared themes, AMPA Online also garnered interest from Continental, Valeo, Denso, Sony, and Amazon, of which the latter two are looking to enter the electric vehicle market, but non-traditional industries such as those from the financial, investment, and legal corporations also visited the show as well. Autodistribution International, Hertz, INKA, Autobacs Seven, Corbeta, and many others joined Taiwan’s own AUO, Inventec, Quanta, and more, cementing AMPA’s overall status as the most important automotive trading platform in the world.

Hao Jheng was able to reach Latin American buyers through the virtual

Similar to the physical show, AMPA Online provided the chance for these online visitors to interact with exhibitors at the show, allowing both sides to achieve their goals. Brazilian companies Passini and Rufato, as well as Indonesian buyers all gave their approval to the AMPA Online platform for allowing them to continue to operate normally despite the difficult circumstances, while exhibitors Rohde and Schwartz, and Good Will Instrument were able to reach new customers in the process. Additionally, physical show exhibitors such as Yangmin, Leyo Performance, Yes Energy, and more transformed their exhibits to cater more towards domestic visitors, but were able to reach international customers through AMPA Online. Also, first-time exhibitor Kushitani showed off their newest motorcyclist gear, which attracted interest from many cycling enthusiasts.

The EV Forum (pictured) and IoV Forum attracted a combined 2,000 participants to gather new automotive knowledge

Furthermore, AMPA Online media content and livestream forums were the highlights of the platform. With the AMPA Live Tour and Online New Product Launch attracting many to see the latest products, viewers also tuned into the IoV Technology & Applications Seminar and Forum livestream to gather new knowledge from high profile speakers from Qualcomm, Foxconn, Texas Instruments, WeMo, Macronix, and Silicon Lab as they share their specific and experience serving the various branches of the automotive industry.

CPC Taiwan promoted their Mirage brand to the young generation at AMPA.

PTT Oil was able to get in touch with many motorcycle producers in Taiwan

Japanese company EMU presented their Kushitani cyclist’ gear in Taiwan for the first time

Leyo Motorsports saw a spike in business at AMPA, solidifying its future standing in the market

Following the conclusion of Taipei AMPA 2021 and successful AMPA Online, preparation for the next Taipei AMPA and AMPA Online 2022 has already begun. Next year’s Taipei AMPA will be held April 20 to 23, 2022, and AMPA Online will be available for viewing from April 11 to 23, 2022. Applications for Taipei AMPA will be accepted on August 6, 2021, while AMPA Online is slated to begin its application process in October. For more information on AMPA 2022 and how to apply, please visit the Taipei AMPA website ( and social media pages for the latest updates.

Coming As Expected! 2021 China International Motorcycle Expo Will be Held in Chongqing from September 17th to 20th

To lead the development of the industry and create a better future. The 19 China International Motorcycle Expo will be held in Chongqing (Yuelai) International Expo Center from September 17th to 20th this year. China International Motorcycle Expo is the largest professional motorcycle exhibition in China and even in the world this year. It is an important platform for the release of new products and technologies, leading the new trend of industry development.

At the same time, the China International Motorcycle Expo represents the core scenes of communication between Chinese industry enterprises and motorcycle enthusiasts, all walks of countries around the world, represents the current level of Chinese motorcycle enterprises, promotes the vigorous development of Chinese motorcycle culture, and shows the vitality and vitality of Chinese motorcycle enthusiasts to the world.

The exhibition area of 2021 China International Motorcycle Expo is more than 100,000 square meters, with more than 1,000 whole vehicles and clothing equipment supporting brands. The new exhibition is presented in 6 pavilions. The exhibition area is 50% more than last year, and the number of exhibitors doubled compared with last year.   

There will be more than 50 new cars launches during the exhibition, including two annual new motorcycles launch conference of international brands. The motorcycle riders night will also be held for 3 consecutive nights with full scene performances and upgraded programs. More star riders and hipster from various fields will join in, bringing immersive experience to the audience.

Under the guidance and support of relevant government departments, the Organizing Committee of China International Motorcycle Expo will make prevention and control measures and emergency plans combined with the latest technical means to ensure the health and safety of exhibitors and visitors during the exhibition to ensure the orderly and efficient development of the exhibition.

New scene, new form, new mode
The exhibition service mode has been upgraded comprehensively
China International Motorcycle Expo will innovate comprehensively, build an industrial chain for exhibitions, conferences, events, performing arts, cultural tourism ecology and other system development, multi-dimensional, multi-city scene linkage, expand activity space and participation capacity. The scene mode of the exhibition has been comprehensively upgraded, with the integration of 1+1+2+7, the whole city and even the whole country. There is a main venue of Chongqing International Expo Center (Yuelai) with an area of over 100,000 square meters, a CIMA Locomotive Park specially built for motorcycle riders across the country. At least two hotpot business districts representing Chongqing characteristics. Xi an of Shaanxi province, Taiyuan of Shanxi Province, Chengdu of Sichuan Province, Nanjing of Jiangsu Province, Changsha of Hunan Province, Kunming of Yunnan Province and Fangchenggang of Guangxi Province will be held at the same time.

Therefore, the combination of cutting-edge Internet technology and online display forms to open up online and offline interactive scenes, comprehensively show the creativity and value of motorcycles. In the 5G era, we will set a benchmark for the c-terminal exhibition service model, explore new scenarios, new forms and new models and promote the development of new consumption.

As the largest professional motorcycle exhibition in China and even in the world, this exhibition will have more than 30,000 square meters of outdoor space to carry out motorcycle thematic dynamic display. The popular 920 Labor Rider Festival, CIMA Motor C Turn Debut, CIMA Motor Owners for sale, CIMA Motor Rider favorite annual Model selection and test drive experience are about to open registration or voting, this years new Barbecue In Chongqing national Riders reception area is in hot preparation. In addition, more thematic interactive activities will be unlocked successively, presenting the interactive participation and appreciation of motorcycles for the audience in an all-round way.

920 Labor Rider Festival will adopt the latest Internet technology to achieve the main venue in Chongqing and the national 7 key regional sub-conference cities, cross-regional linkage to spread the exhibition brand. The sub[1]conference city will not only hold characteristic theme activities such as motorcycle and accessories exhibition, motorcycle tour and motorcycle music festival, but also connect with the main venue to enjoy the national motorcycle riders lucky drew courtesy .

New breakthroughs in fashion trends and culture
Cross-border integration leads the industry to break the circle

Focus on youth culture, fashion trend and creative design, China International Motorcycle Expo not only is the fashion exhibition but also the trendsetter will lead the motorcycle industry fashion, entertainment new trend which will present the attitude of the cool lifestyle for the audience, a comprehensive display of motorcycle trend culture and the insight into the future consumption trend. This years China International Motorcycle Expo will deeply explore consumption demands, whether from the whole vehicle or cycling equipment, it will show intelligent, electric, connected and personalized characteristics. New products, new design, new travel and entertainment will be presented one by one. At the same time, the offline scene of this years exhibition will be upgraded again. The worlds first 80,000 lumen laser projection equipment will be used to create a new night environment and a phenomenon-level communication event. With the support of Chongqing municipal government and relevant departments, CIMA locomotive park will be built for motorcycle riders across the country, and motorcycle courses and camping sites will be built to carry out interactive experiences that motorcycle riders can widely participate in.

Cooperate with domestic head video platforms, social platforms and e[1]commerce platforms such as Kuaishou, Douyin, B station, T-mall and other domestic short video platforms to cross-border integrate with CIMA IP development, tattoo, extreme bike, skateboard, retro motorcycle and modification, car modification, underground band and other youth cultural groups. There are not only stars, fashion V and motorcycle riders from national clubs participating to present immersive exhibition experience from a personal perspective, but also cross-border cooperation between well-known automobile brands, car modification clubs and extreme sports brands to jointly create a youth trend culture circle.

Motorcyclists are enthusiastic all over the country
We are looking forward to the opening of China International Motorcycle Expo

As the most influential annual event in the motorcycle industry, China Motorcycle Expo is the annual clocking and gathering place for motorcycle practitioners and enthusiasts. Near the exhibition, the official fans of the exhibition and the official account background of each major platform, motorcycle friends of the major media, fans of the national clubs, motorcycle friends are enthusiastic, they are all looking forward to the party this year. Three days after the online ticket collection channel opened, the number of pre[1]registrations reached nearly 20,000, 2.5 times that of last year.

In order to better provide visitors with exhibition services and enhance the sense of viewing and exhibition experience and to ensure the smooth arrival of motorcycle riders, the organizing committee encourages motorcycle riders to arrive in groups in the form of clubs this year and gives motorcycle riders subsidies and organizational rewards, as well as other on-site service resources. According to incomplete statistics, the number of motorcycle riders who are ready to ride to the scene this year has increased by 3 times on the basis of last year. The organizing committee will provide free display places and more services for motorcycle clubs and motorcycle riders at the exhibition site, inviting clubs and motorcycle riders who support the development of China motorcycle Expo to share the success together.

This year, in order to thank the motorcycle riders for their rides, the organizing committee will open the North outdoor square, to carry out interactive activities such as the curve C, vehicle owners self-selling, and riders favorite annual model test drive experience. At the same time, setting up a national rider area ranging from 50 to 200 square meters at the exhibition site and the CIMA locomotive park, inviting the motorcycle friends all over the country club to Chongqing barbecue, jointly operating to provide special services for motorcycle friends, in the case of health and safety, to promote motorcycle friends exchange and interaction.

(Picture source: previous China motorcycle Expo)


Secure Your Spot at AMPA Online and Drive your business toward global market

With demand for automotive parts and chipsincreasing, the automotive spotlight will be placed onto AMPAthis April 14-17. Along with an in-person physical trade show, the first ever virtual AMPA Online held from April 7 to May 6, providing an avenue for global exhibitors to expand their business further. Among the over 400 exhibitors include Tesla suppliers Taya Electric, Fukuta Electric, and K.S. Terminals, as well as PTT Oil (Thailand’s national petroleum provider), Mahle, Texas Instruments, Protec and others, putting the focus on Asia’s growingmarket.
Last year, AMPA held an online edition, with over 10,000 viewers and 48,000 views on livestreaming forums and various media content, with exhibitors showcasing their products from a unique perspective, and introducing their daily operations with behind-the-scenes access. Among the viewers included those from major automotive markets such as USA, Japan, Korea, and others, as well as emerging markets in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe. In addition, over 7,700 viewers from Taiwan also tuned in, gaining valuable insight, as well as interacting with international participants during online events. This year’s AMPA Online will bring virtual booths, online product catalogues, direct chatting capabilities and additional services to buyers, opening up a path for everyone to expand businesses to Asia.
AMPA Online will give exhibitors an extra month to promote their products and services, as well as interact with the in-person show buyers during the April 14-17 timeframe, guaranteeing exposure on both ends. Interested exhibitors can visit the AMPA Online website ( and fill out an application form by March 31 and be a part of this fast-growing event, or visit the AMPA website ( for more show information.

Press Contact: Joanna Liang
Exhibition Dept., TAITRA
Tel: +886 2 27255200 ext. 2623

Taipei AMPA, the most professional auto parts and motorcycle industrial purchasing platform in Asia!

AMPA 2021 to take place virtually and physically

The Taipei International Automobile & Motorcycle Parts & Accessories Show (AMPA) will be held on April 14-17, 2021 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 1. Supported by the automobile aftermarket industry, the show will take place both virtually and physically, where worldwide industry peers can still meet and get business done from afar.

Keeping up with the latest global trend while maintaining the overall traditional services in the industry, the physical AMPA 2021 will focus on electric vehicle and aftermarket services. The global supply chain for the EV ecosystem and parts production will be on full display throughout the exhibition. Over 800 exhibitors are expected to be at the show, exhibiting in 2,500 booths.

Due to COVID-19, AMPA’s digital transformation arrived much earlier than anticipated, and next year’s AMPA Online show will return with more improved and personalized features, such as online catalogue and video display, online chat tools, video conference, digital business cards exchange, and optimized search bar based on your procurement needs.

Additional online events such as AMPA tour series, live stream events, online procurement meetings and online new product launch will continue to be held along with a brand new “AMPA Insight” that will give the industry an inside peek into the factories and piece together the process of building a futuristic car.

Remember to mark April 14 to 17 on your calendar, and follow us on our website and fan pages for the latest news:

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